Mission Statement

“Manchester Mosquitoes ARFC strives to be a continuously growing club, helping to develop the sport of Australian Rules Football nationally and in Europe. Our ongoing focus is to foster an atmosphere which is friendly, inclusive and encouraging to all experience levels, and to all nationalities and backgrounds, whether playing or social members. We focus on maintaining an active social culture which is inclusive of partners, family and friends of the club. Our sustainability comes from a steady and active committee made up of Australians and non-Australians, with a sound home base from which to conduct all club activities and with contribution from all members. Our success is measurable by ensuring we remain one of the UK’s strongest on-field clubs made up of Australians and non-Australians alike, with a year-on-year focus to achieve the best on-field results possible in keeping with the spirit of the club.”

Club History

The Mozzies were formed in 2005 by a group of Australian and British AFL fans who, after many weekends of kicking the footy around in the park in Chorlton, decided to form their own club and join the British Australian Rules Football League (BARFL) Regional Competition.  The Mozzies played their first season in the BARFL in 2006 and finished 3rd overall. Since then, there has been an increasing participation in Australian Rules Football in the UK and the league structure has changed with the formation of AFL GB which consists of more than 30 clubs encompassing the Welsh League, Scottish league, the London Premiership, Conference and Social leagues, the Southern League, the North East League, the University League and the Central and Northern England League to which the Mozzies now belong. The Mozzies have grown into a strong team consisting of a number of Australian players as well as British, Irish, African and other European players.  In 2010 the club went on to win their first Premiership with a hard-fought win over the Nottingham Scorpions and then followed that up in 2012 by again winning the Premiership, this time undefeated in the season, again with the final against Nottingham.  The Central and Northern England League currently consists of 7 teams as well as a social team who intend to join the league in 2014. As of 2013, the CNE League has become affiliated with AFL England, who are applying for status of National Governing Body for the sport, after the separation of the British leagues.


Since 2013, the Mozzies have won three major premierships (2014, 2015 and 2016; the illustrious three-peat had been secured) and finished runners-up in AFL Europe’s Champions League in Amsterdam. As a team, the Mozzies pride themselves in their inclusivity and winning culture, welcoming anyone regardless of experience, gender, race or sexuality and winning championships and having fun as a squad at the same time.