Mozzies and Venture Studios extend their relationship into 2017.

Mozzies and Venture Studios extend their relationship into 2017.

We are proud to announce Venture Studios as our major sponsor for the foreseeable future. Venture Studios have increased their contribution to the club, a move we would like to thank them for hugely.

Director of Venture Studios’ Liverpool and Stockport franchises, Jordan Gurry had this to say about the new sponsorship deal: “We’re really looking forward to another year sponsoring the Mozzies. They have been a great local sports club to work with, which is why we wanted to up our contribution to the club this year. We support everything they stand for on and off the field. From their fund raising at the yearly Movember cup they host, to their success in AFLCNE and Champions League. The overall family community they have in & around the club is another reason for our continued support.” Out-going club president Ben Sweetman said in response; “It’s great to have Venture [Studios] sponsoring us again. They have been great supporters of the club! We will be using their sponsorship for some exciting advancements to our club in the coming months.

As a minority sport in the UK, financial support is vital in keeping the club growing and succeeding. Without Venture Studios’ ongoing support over recent years, and foreseeable future, membership fees would have been higher than they are, pushing players away from the club and the game, both of which we are continually trying to develop in the Greater Manchester area and the rest of the North of England. We want players to join our club for the sport and stay because of the people (and success), not put off by costs. We are firm believers in money never being a barrier to participation. Having the ability to keep our membership fees low is all thanks to the amazing support we have had from our sponsors, especially Venture Studios. If you want your company to be involved in our ever growing and developing club, get in touch with us, and you too could benefit from the Mozzies family (

With the Christmas break coming up, the Mozzies are looking forward to a long preseason before their first challenge of the year at AFL Europe’s Champions League 2017 in Amsterdam. Investment in the club, thanks to Venture Studios, will allow the Mozzies to make some advancements they hope can turn last year’s runners-up medals into winner’s medals. The team were all gutted to have not won the 2016 competition, but it has pushed them all to work harder than ever to lift the trophy. “Granted we are months away, but players are already working, alone and as a group, to be even better than we were last year.” Midfielder Oli Hobin said, “With Venture supporting us further this year we think we can go that one step further and bring the cup home,” he continued. Everyone at the Mozzies is looking forward to the Champions League. It is a chance to take on the best teams from around Europe in one highly competitive day of Aussie Rules. Chance to go head-to-head with teams we would never get the chance to play against in our season, or in friendlies. More on the 2017 Champions League will come your way in the new year…

We would like to, again, extend a massive thank you to Venture Studios for making this coming season and what it brings to the club a possibility.