Lightning Round 2


Another late fixture change saw the Mozzies face the Merseyside Saints and the Tye Tees Tigers in Lightning Round 2.

This round was hosted by the Tigers, so the Mozzies set out bright and early for what was set to be a busy day of competition. In our first match against Merseyside, the Mozzies fought hard to take an early lead, and the Saints were simply unable to recover. As a new team in the competition this year, tough losses are to be expected, and the Saints continue to work hard to build skill and confidence in their players.

Mozzies 28.13.181 to Saints 0.1.1

In the second match of the day the Mozzies met the Tigers in a tougher contest. The Mozzies were forced to work with the Tigers pushing hard and ensuring that the Mozzies didn’t have an easy match ahead. Although the scoreline from this match indicated a clear winner, it was a hard fought victory, with the Mozzies having to fight for each and every scoring opportunity.

Mozzies 25.10.160 to Tigers 2.2.14

Photos from the day can be found here.

Round 4

Round 4 was a wet and wild day at Burnage, seeing the Mozzies come up against the Huddersfield Rams. A late fixture change meant the match was hosted by the Mozzies, and Manchester certainly turned on the famous rain.

The Mozzies came on strong from beginning to end, the first quarter seeing some high scoring from a number of key Mozzies, and tight defensive work preventing the Rams from taking many scoring opportunities. The first quarter saw the Mozzies take a lead of 9.3.57 to 1.3.9.

The Mozzies continued to create scoring opportunities throughout the first half, coming out clear leaders at half time 13.11.89 to 2.10.22.

In the slightly drier second half, the Rams took advantage of the change to gain some ground scoring 6 goals in the 3rd quarter, however the relentless Mozzies continued pushing for the win scoring 5 goals. 18.18.126 to 8.13.61.

The final score showed a well fought battle, but the Mozzies were just too strong for the Rams on this occasion, preventing the Rams from gaining any further ground in the final quarter.

Final Score:

Mozzies: 24.21.165

Rams: 11.17.83

Click here for photos from Round 4.

Round 2

Round 2 saw the Mozzies host their first home game of the season. The weather turned on a good day as we came up against the new boys to the league – The Merseyside Saints.

It was club stalwart Nik Wheeler’s last game and he got the Mozzies off to a good start, winning the toss and choosing to kick with the aid of the slight breeze. The Mozzies quickly piled on the goals and got to the first break with fifteen in the bag. The midfield of C. Britton and T. Crameri dominated proceedings on the scoreboard, with young players also making their presence felt. A. Cochran and O. Hobin chimed in with goals and N. Dowd showed his teammates the way home with a contribution of 7 goals, 2 behinds.

S. Kilheeney gave Saints defenders a hard time of it whilst T. Stack managed his first elusive goal for the club, and the Mozzies continued to dominate play.

Scoring dropped off a little in the final quarter, but a cameo from J. Gurry got the crowd involved when he slotted through a tidy goal after a smooth passage of play after a kick in from a Saints’ behind. Despite the best efforts of his teammates, Nik’s usually reliable kicking unfortunately let him down on this occasion, and he was chaired from the ground without scoring a final goal for the club in his last match. The large and appreciative crowd congratulated Nik heartily on his contribution to the club over the years since its inception.

Final Score:

Mozzies 41.27.273 v Saints 0.7.7

Goals: T. Crameri: 8, N. Dowd: 7, S. Kilheeney: 6, R. Cox, C. Britton and Z. Greed 4 each. A significant number of other scored 1 or 2 goals apiece on the day.

Best: N. Wheeler, T. Crameri, C. Britton, S. Kilheeney

Thanks to Burnage R.U.F.C. for hosting us and providing us with access to their excellent facilities.

Thanks to Venture Studios and The Didsbury for their continued sponsorship and support.

Lightning Round 1

Saturday 23rd April saw the Mozzies kick off their 10th season with a lightning round hosted by Wolverhampton. The sun was out to greet the Mozzies as they began their quest for a third straight premiership, with a full squad including 3 players playing making their debut for the club and two more playing their first ever game of Aussie Rules!

The first game was against the ever combative Huddersfield side. Apart from a slight cross breeze, conditions were ideal for good football. After winning the toss the Mozzies opted to kick down hill with the slight wind advantage. The midfield of T.Crameri and C.Britton were able to get first hands on the ball which resulted in plenty of scoring opportunities.

However nerves seemed to get the better of the players and many golden opportunities were wasted. With continued control by the midfield and the backline, led by B.Norris, rebounding attacking moves by the Rams, the team were able to settle and find their groove. A strong mark, followed by a goal by P.Cunningham in the dying stages of the first half saw the Mozzies post a strong score at the halfway mark.

Things weren’t as easy in the second half but the mozzies were still able to control play and match the Rams on the scoreboard and maintaining the halftime margin.

Score- 11-12-78 to Rams 2-8-20
Goals- T.Crameri 3, S.Kilheeney, C.Britton, Z.Greed 2, P.Cunningham, B.Norris 1
Best- T.Crameri, C.Britton, B.Norris S.Kilheeney

The second game was against Manchester’s old foe Nottingham. They had a strong win in their first game so the Mozzies were going to have their work cut out for them if they were to walk away with two wins for the day. The Scorpions won the toss and chose to kick to the end that was slightly favoured by the wind and gravity…

The whole game was quite a scrappy affair but that was mostly due to the pressure that both teams were putting on each other. In a close game and with half time nearing, the Mozzies scored two late goals, both of them scored by our two first gamers in N.Dowd and R.Chagellis!

The second half was a real arm wrestle. The bigger bodies of the Scorpions meant that the Mozzies knew they were in a contest that wasn’t going to be easy for them. T.Gower was keeping the defence tight and O.Hobin with some slick centre clearance work helped the mozzies maintain the slightest of leads.

With both sides struggling for accuracy in front of the big stick, it was the Mozzies who came away with a narrow 6 point win.

Score- 5-8-38 to Scorpions 4-8-32
Goals- T.Crameri 2, N.Dowd, R.Chagellis, Z.Greed 1
Best- T.Gower, T.Crameri, B.Sweetman, B.Norris

The Didsbury player of the day was Tom Crameri.

Thanks to our sponsors, supporters, people who umpired and players who filled in for other teams.

Photos from both matches are here.