Round three of AFLCNE brought a much-anticipated clash, the Huddersfield Rams and he Manchester Mosquitoes would go head-to-head in Wolverhampton. Both sides have consistently made finals over the past four years and have competed in close games since the league’s inception.  Between the two clubs, there are five players heading to Australia for IC17 representing the GB Bulldogs.

The Rams came into round three with a one-for-one record, but had been competitive in their loss to fellow finals contender Nottingham Scorpions. The Mozzies were coming off the perfect start; two form two. Round three was looking to be a trues contest before ball-up.

The Mozzies came out of the rooms firing. The intensity was high for the start, hard running and strong contests all around the ground. A couple of minutes of deadlock and the first goal came, ­­Tim Benson slotted it through for the Mozzies. From then on, the domination came, Manchester kicked six unanswered goals for the quarter. The last coming from Chris Sproule from 30m out, club got around him on a tough weekend for the player-coach Mozzies 6.15.51 lead Rams 0.2.2.

During the second term, the Mozzies kept the pressure on. Not without retaliation form the Rams, they had four attempts on goal during the second, though none of them went for six. The Mozzies, however, kicked another seven goals with their percentage rising going down to eight behinds. The Mozzies went into the major break leading the Rams by 95 points (13.23.101 lead 0.6.6).

During the third quarter the Rams showed glimpses of the side we would expect. Alex Overton narrowly kicked a goal from the right forward pocket, barely missing the right post, whilst Lewis Ozane put one through from in front. Nevertheless, the Mozzies were still on form, another seven goals came and the Mozzies forward pressure kept on coming. The midfield did not fail on winning clearances, providing the forward line with plenty of opportunities, Tim Benson making the most of them. The Mozzies were way up going into the final break of the day, 20.28.148 lead 2.9.21.

As if tensions weren’t high enough, Mozzies ruckman Sweetman and Rams Midfielder Overton clashed on the boundary line early on. The physicality that cam elater was true of the sport, but the scoreboard was clear, the Mozzies put ten unanswered goals on the Rams in the final term to put any questions of their dominance to bed. In particular, Niall Dowd put in four goals whilst in the forward line on the fourth quarter. The Mozzies ultimately run out winners with over 200 points for the third game running, winning 30.34.214 to 2.12.24.

As the game came to a close the winner of the Mozzies’ Best on Ground was clear. Having dominated the stats, winning most of the clearances, contesting the most possessions and bagging seven goals to his name, Tim Benson was no doubt the stand-out player for the Mozzies.

Player Goals
T. Benson 7
C. Britton 5
N. Dowd 4
O. Hobin 3
A. Cochran 3
S. Killey 2
A. Pietrus 2
J. Connor 2
C. Sproule 1
C. McBryde 1