This years Grand Final saw a replay of 2016. The stage was set to be a thriller between the Mozzies and Notingham Scorpions at Sheffield, with the honours even after the home and away season. The Scorpions were confident of breaking the Mozzies’ recent dominance, whilst the Mozzies were looking for their 4th straight major premiership. The Scorpions won the toss and chose to kick with the aid of a slight breeze. Despite having more of the play the Mozzies couldn’t get on the board and saw the scorpions kick the first couple of goals before the replying towards the end of the quarter. Up forward Glenn Murphy was starting to show how much influence he was going to have on the game being the Mozzies main focal point in front of goal. 1QT MOZ 3-3-21 NOT 3-5-23

The second quarter got underway, this time with the Mozzies having the advantage of the wind. They made it count, kicking 3 goals whilst holding the Scorpions to just 1. It was only the Mozzies’ inaccuracy in front of goal that prevented them taking a bigger lead into the main break. We were well served by our back line, with Cam McBryde in one of the toughest one on one battles of the day with, arguably, the scorpions best player being used as their main avenue to goal. He was well supported by Budd Norris in quelling forward moves by the scorpions. HT MOZ 6-8-44 NOT 4-8-32

The 3rd quarter (premiership quarter) has been a real strength of the Mozzies in previous seasons and we were hopeful of it being the time we capitalised on our slender lead and break the game open. However, the scorpions had other ideas. Knowing it was their last use of the breeze they fought hard to eat away at their half time deficit. Despite the fact that the scorpions closed the gap from half time, the Mozzies midfield were beginning to gain the ascendancy and keeping their counterparts quiet. Adam Kelly and the experienced Alex Peitrus lead the way. It was a real arm wrestle in the 3rd, with neither side giving an inch in a bone crunching encounter. 3QT MOZ 9-9-63 NOT 8-11-59

At the start of the last quarter, everything was on the line. The Mozzies only had a four point lead, and knew the breeze wouldn’t be enough to get them to the premiership. The quarter started with a lapse in concentration by the Scorpions to which the Mozzies took full advantage of, with Adam George kicking a goal in the opening 30 seconds. Then within a minute of the ball being bounced in the middle again the Mozzies had a second for the quarter. Once Alex Peitrus kicked a goal from the half back line, the Mozzies had full control of the game and stormed home to the premiership. One of the Mozzies best for the season, Niall Dowd, had come out on top in his one on one battle with the leagues full forward of the year, and was providing the rebound from defence he had done all season. The Mozzies were well served by all who took to the pitch with everyone taking their opportunity when the time came. With the final siren came big celebrations for the Mozzies. They had came out on top in one of the toughest games in the past few years and had certainly earned their celebratory beers Final score MOZ 16-13-109 NOT 9-12-66

Best players- Adam Kelly, Glenn Murphy, Cam McBryde, Alex Peitrus, Spike Kilheeney

Best on ground as voted by umpires- Adam Kelly

We would like to thank our major sponsors, Venture Studios and Solomon’s Bar, our supporters and members for a fantastic season. Our thanks also go to Sheffield Thunder and Nottingham Scorpions for making it a Finals Day to remember!

See you in November!